Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raz*War is "One Year Young" - Facts and Figures

Hello to the Raz*War community!

One year ago - on 30 June 2009 - we officially launched our web store We are now 365 days later and we are still in business thanks to you ;-)

So, once again: Thank You!

We started with one handle, El Ché, one type of razor blades (3-blades cartridge) and our subscription plans principle. Since then we have build a strong line of products that we are continuously improving. 

We also opened Raz*War on another continent : Australia and Raz*War is also available in German on (with a great Ambassador team evangelizing the German market).

Raz*War is a daily commitment and a permanent fight from both you and us towards the growing hair and the pricy solutions out there. 

Raz*War stands for quality shaving at a fair price. This is and will stay our focus.

Here are a few figures to put things in perspective:

  • 75,000+ people visited since its opening
  • The combined minutes spent on our website totals 150 days
  • The day with the most visits was March 17
  • 20% of our customers are on a subscription plan
  • Our Net Promoter Score (= your likelihood to recommend us) is very good : 18%* 
  • The top 3 countries visiting us are : Belgium, Spain and France
  • There are more than 17 millions results about Raz*War on Google
  • Raz*War tweeted 760 times and has 1,050 followers 
  • Raz*War has 613 fans on Facebook. Are you one of them?

Not bad, don't you think?

We will continue our action in the future and we need you all to support the movement that is taking place in the world of shaving.

Let's s(h)ave the world (as seen on!

David Hachez, Raz*War brand activist


*to give you an idea the banking sector's average is -4% according to

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